Do cosmetic braces hurt?

Wondering if it hurts to have braces? Our Sexsmith dentists tell you how to avoid pain during and after wearing braces. One of the most common questions about dental appliances is whether placing them causes pain or discomfort. The honest answer is that braces don't hurt at all when applied to your teeth, so there's no reason to be anxious. In most cases, there may be mild pain or discomfort after the orthodontic wire has been hooked into the braces, which can last for a few days.

As for putting them on, braces don't cause pain. However, tension between the teeth or under the orthodontic bands can cause some pain at the end of the day. Fortunately, there is a big difference between pain and pain. Most people feel mild to moderate discomfort as braces feel tight, but actual pain is quite rare.

Orthodontic appliances can cause discomfort or pain while the person is wearing them. Usually, people will only feel pain or discomfort when an orthodontist places braces for the first time and after adjusting them regularly. They may also feel pain if part of the splint rubs or gets inside the mouth. While the procedure isn't painful, you're expected to feel pain in your teeth and gums afterwards.

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